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With the special exhibition “Water, washboard, soap suds – on the cultural history of washing” the Emsland Archaeology Museum starts into the new season. At the latest with the “invention” of clothing began all “misery” – namely, the need to clean not only the body, but also dirty clothes. In solving this problem, mankind has been extremely inventive throughout history – both in terms of optimizing detergents and facilitating the washing process itself. The exhibition invites visitors on a fascinating and exciting tour through the world history of washing and highlights the importance of cleanliness in different cultures and eras. However, the focus is not only on the “wider world”, but also on regional developments and conditions. In addition to the care of clothing, an individual’s personal cleanliness has also been subject to numerous twists and turns over the centuries. The aim of this exhibition sequence is to dispel prejudices, e.g. that prehistoric and early historic people were basically unwashed and unkempt. The same applies to the supposedly dark and “dirty” Middle Ages. In addition to finds, exhibits and explanatory texts, this exhibition once again focuses on “experiencing” history for young and old. Hands-on stations for all generations to try out are just as much a part of it as the offer to deal with the subject matter in a playful way, to immerse oneself in different life worlds, and to learn history quite incidentally without books and blackboards.

Place: Emsland Archaeology Museum

Admission: adults 4 €, families 7 €, children (6 – 16 years) 2 €

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