meppen art circle e.v.

The Meppen Art Circle has made it its goal to create an art program with exhibitions, working groups and art trips.

In 1977, about 50 committed citizens of the district town of Meppen founded the “Meppener Kunstkreis – Verein zur Förderung der bildenden Kunst e.V.” (Meppen Art Circle – Association for the Promotion of Fine Arts), so that in 2017 the Art Circle can look back on 45 successful years.

A declared goal of the Meppener Kunstkreis (MKK) is, through the exhibitions and foreign artists to sharpen the perceptive faculty of the art viewer and to awaken the understanding for a qualified dialogue with art.

Art school

With his art school the Meppen Art Circle offers creative programs for children, young people and school classes.

By promoting creative and aesthetic competence in children and young people, the art school aims to strengthen not only artistic skills, but also self-confidence and self-efficacy. Children experience that they can actively (co-)shape their living environment. With art they can gain self-confidence in an insecure world. “Art makes you strong!” is therefore the name of our new program. In the courses of the art school we want to discover and explore nature and things together to learn to appreciate them. Sensual perception and processual work play an important role. In addition to the courses, the program booklet contains numerous interesting offers such as vacation workshops, birthday events, the art school breakfast, the open studio or the new program “Art in the Evening”. The offers are not only aimed at children and young people, but increasingly at adults as well.

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