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With funds from the city’s “Perspective on the City Center” development program, an ensemble of experience and information rooms on the city’s history as well as attractive information islands with innovative mediation offers on local history were created and set up in the rooms of the former Arenbergische Rentei. This includes a digital city model, an exciting introductory film on Meppen’s local history on the first floor, as well as a usable archive of images, maps, and writings, a searchable museum object database, a study and learning room with library, and a museum display depot. In each of three staged historical rooms, atmospheric scenic audio plays invite visitors to an “up close and personal” encounter with Meppen’s history. All offers can also be accessed and experienced digitally via a web application and can be accessed via mobile devices (smartphone) (simply scan the QR code). The branch of the City Museum is now open regularly Tuesday through Thursday from 2 to 5 p.m. and upon request.

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