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Experiencing Meppen’s history in the Arenbergian Rentei

ehemalige arenbergische Rentei Meppen

With funds from the city's "Perspective on the City Center" development program, an ensemble of experience and information rooms on the city's history as well as attractive information islands with innovative mediation offers on local history were created and set up in the rooms of the former Arenbergische Rentei. This includes a digital city [...]


Experience Meppen’s history in the Arenberg manor house

ehemalige arenbergische Rentei Meppen

An ensemble of "experience and information rooms on Meppen's town history" and attractive information islands with innovative educational offers on local history were created on the premises of the former Arenbergische Rentei with funds from the municipal funding program "Perspektive Innenstadt". These include a digital model of the town, an exciting introductory film on Meppen's [...]

Treasure hunters among themselves

Emsland Archäologie Museum

By popular demand, District Archaeologist Thomas Kassens offers an informal meeting for metal detectorists on the last Thursday of each month. Treasure hunting was already a topic in the early Middle Ages. From this time comes the so-called "Schatzregal", which states that all finds deeper than a plowshare (about 30 cm) belong to the king, [...]

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