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The dinosaurs are on the loose in Emsland! From June 2024, the Emsland Archaeology Museum in Meppen will be showing the special exhibition “Urmel, Urzeit, Ungetüme: Dinosaurier &
Co…”. This exhibition has much more to offer than just dinosaurs! Life-size reconstructions of long-extinct animals and impressive, lifelike dioramas are used to show the evolutionary history of animals on earth. The focus is on the living world of flora and fauna in the great geological eras. Young and old are invited on a fascinating adventure through the history of our planet. Visitors will get to know prehistoric oceans with their bizarre life forms, encounter giant sickle-clawed and predatory dinosaurs, the Gastornis, the largest land vertebrate in Europe
and the Smilidon, the impressive sabre-toothed cat. The show is complemented by fossils from Emsland: fossilized wood, sea urchins, ammonites and much more, which, like the dinosaurs, disappeared at the end of the Cretaceous period.

Admission: Adults 5 €, children 3 €, families 9 €, reduced 4 €

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