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Life is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, they say, the ups and downs always catch us unexpectedly around the next bend, making us revel, doubt or regret. And yet it’s the swings in one direction or another that always provide the special moments, the ones that ultimately stick – it’s the mix that makes it. Or as the title of Barbara Greshake’s debut sums it up: “Mixed feelings”

Born in the Lower Rhine region, she moved to Cologne in summer 2020 after six years in Hamburg. However, the north still has an impact on her texts today, in which she always unerringly finds the double bottom in the everyday. Or you suddenly find yourself in the middle of their Oscar-worthy head cinema. Because she sings what she is better off not saying – or what you often don’t allow yourself to think out loud. Her distinctive, deep voice, which changes through the songs, adapting to every verse and every emotion, sometimes narrating, sometimes conveying, sometimes surprising – but always genuine, always fully Barbara. A song-turned-throwback-posting takes you back to the middle of a move, away from home to the student city. Or talk about being secretly in love with a good friend, then not being secretly in love with a good friend…and wanting more. Even if it is only to recognize waiting as an opportunity.

“Gemischte Gefühle” is German pop in its purest form, with carefully selected words that never fail to grab you and never leave you cold. Pause for thought. feel carefully. “Things always turn out differently than you think.” Life in the aha moment! Well observed, felt and told. And there is something for everyone, a colorful mixture of life – mixed feelings.

Start: 8 pm, admission 7.30 pm

Tickets available at www.meppen-ticket.de

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