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Just a quick trip to the toilet, then quickly back to the safe car … Svenja Behrendt has no idea that death is waiting for her right there. She will never come to Sweden by ferry. Strangled, she remains in her car on the quay as morning dawns. In the brutal murder case, inspector Frauke Knoop questions the victim’s environment. She confronts the handsome doctor along with his exotic mistress and numerous other suspects about the unnatural demise of the dentist’s wife. But everyone says only good things about the dead woman. As the Kiel investigator chases Svenja’s killer between Kiel, the Carlshöhe artists’ colony in Eckernförde and the Carlshütte in Rendsburg, her sense of missing a crucial detail hardens.

Jochen Bender did research as a psychologist for criminal investigators, worked in jail, and assisted police in rampage exercises. Writing is his way of creatively engaging with the world in all its facets. His trademarks are exciting entertainment, mature characters, a fluid writing style, and artfully interwoven story lines.

He will be accompanied musically at this reading by fingerstyle guitarist Helm van Hahm from Münster.

Tickets available from TIM; Tel. 05931-153153 or at www.meppen-ticket.de

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